We all have secrets, and Marc has more than most – but that is what happens when you are a magician and work with people improving their performance.

This site will help you understand how Marc’s performance enhancement skills can be used at your function, or in your company, to improve corporate, team or individual performance. A professional, first-class guaranteed quality.

It will introduce you to the magic Marc Dominic creates for his audiences.

Marc was part a new wave of magical performers in the 90’s – young contemporary and edgy, who have developed and now work in the corporate market. He now mixes performance skills with years of study in sport science and working with athletes in the heat of elite level competition. Not only does he have academic knowledge, but he has also competed at World and International level and has experienced the crucible of performance sports and performing magic under pressure.

If you want something that is modern and relevant to your audience then welcome to the Magical world of Marc Dominic.

Close-up Magician

British Magical Champion Magician

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Astonishing ..Guests in a spin in a good way!

Astonishing ..Guests in a spin in a good way!

In a spin? If you want great photographs of your wedding you need a good photographer and something to create moments for them to capture. Close Up Magic is one way to create great photos, and plate spinning is another. These pictures were taken by Www.raysawyer.com...

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Is it really a Question Of Sport ? Or  is it Magic ?

Is it really a Question Of Sport ? Or is it Magic ?

https://youtu.be/m5aWslBl8gc Many entertainers claim about having appeared on TV, without much evidence or it turns out it was not to do with their work. Well, I was privileged to be chosen by BBC to appear on one of their Mystery Guests spots. Filmed in Barnsley at...

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